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What is Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)?

The state of Hawaii mandates employers to provide partial “wage replacement” insurance coverage to eligible employees for off-the-job injuries, sickness, or pregnancy.  Employers in Hawaii with one or more employees (full-time, part-time, or temporary) are required to provide temporary disability benefits for employees. For more information on TDI law, visit http://labor.hawaii.gov/dcd/home/about-tdi/.

Statutory Plan Benefits

The statutory plan provides benefits according to the minimum benefit standards, as required by law.

  • For 2018, employees are entitled to temporary disability benefits at 58% of their average weekly wage up to a maximum of $620.00 per week.
  • Benefits are payable from the 8th day of disability, for a maximum of 26 weeks.
  • The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations determines the maximum weekly wage base. For 2018, it is $1,068.62. If the employee earns more than this amount, the amount in excess will not be used to calculate benefits.  This creates a maximum weekly benefit of $620.00 as shown here: 58% of $1,068.62 = $619.79.

Why choose Benefit Services of Hawaii and USAble Life?

  • Our local customer service team is available to answer all your TDI-related  questions.
  • Claims are processed locally in our downtown Honolulu office.
  • We reach out to every claimant through the mail and by phone.
  • We maintain contact with the employer and physician while the employee is disabled.
  • Over 96% of TDI claims are processed within five business days (state law requires within ten business days).
  • Express payments are made on eligible pregnancy claims (single lump-sum payment at the beginning of the disability period).

For information regarding rates and enrollment, please contact your Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), Benefit Services of Hawaii (BSH), or USAble Life representative.

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This document provides a brief description of USAble Life’s Temporary Disability Insurance coverage. This is not an insurance policy. Limitations and exclusions may apply and coverage may be reduced or terminated due to lack of eligibility. Please read the insurance policy carefully.

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